Our office opened in Henderson, Nevada with a goal of helping women through every stage of their life.  With a focus on health and wellness, we partner with our patients in the common goal of addressing health care problems before they occur and helping our patients adjust their lifestyle to help them live a long and healthy life.

We take particular joy and consider it a privilege to care for you during your pregnancy and delivering your baby.

We want you to feel comfortable in our office. So, from the colors and furniture, to our cloth gowns and toasty warm exam rooms, our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere.  You will find our staff to be very friendly and genuinely interested in your well being.

Our office follows the standard of care promoted by the American College of Obstetrician Gynecologists (ACOG).


  • We believe in providing the highest quality health care to our patients throughout all phases of life.
  • We believe in providing individualized, wellness-centered, holistic care embodying each woman’s spirit while incorporating the sensitivity and wisdom necessary to guide them through all of life’s experiences.
  • We believe in providing the highest level of obstetric care available for both typical and high risk pregnancies.
  • We believe that the health and well-being of both you and your baby comes before anything else.
  • We believe in providing you all the help and education you need to understand your pregnancy from conception through labor and delivery.
  • We believe regular check-ups can help determine early signs of problems that need to be addressed. Regular checkups will enable proactive and preventive measures to help improve and/or maintain a great quality of life.
  • We believe in leading edge, state of the art surgical procedures available in the comfort of our office and when appropriate, in the hospital setting.
  • We believe that with the board certification and the combined years of experience of our practitioners that we can offer you the best opportunity for the best outcome possible.
  • We believe in service first.
  • We believe in making you as comfortable as possible in any situation. Your time is valuable.
  • We strive to be timely and efficient.